Visiting Chorlton Good Neighbours

Last week I visited the Chorlton Good Neighbours Coffee Morning with other members of the Design Lab to provide feedback about our Age Friendly Manchester Project in association with Valuing Older People and Manchester Council. We felt it was important to return to the coffee morning, as the conversations we had with the older people there, fuelled the direction of our project.

I took the lamp that I had created, as it included details of conversations with the coffee morning members and other comments made by the general public in response. I was intrigued to discover their thoughts about the lamp and whether they agreed with the additional comments that I had collected.

The lamp was an instant talking point and was the perfect tool for prompting further conversation. The comments and tags on the lamp provoked a mixed response; some people were opposed to the comments, whereas others agreed with them. This was just the sort of reaction I had hoped for and it was great to see a buzz of activity around the lamp.

Please see the link below featuring Gemma’s interview with Bernard Leach. She describes our projects in further detail and my lamp is featured in the background!


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