Margate Hosts The Boat Project – A Day of Workshops

I am very excited to announce that I have been asked by Alice Kettle to assist her in designing a sail as part of the Lone Twin Boat Project.

For those who do not know… The Lone Twin Boat Project is part of London’s 2012’s Cultural Olympiad. The main focus of the project is a yacht, created using wooden objects donated by communities in the South East of the country, with each piece holding it’s own story. The yacht will be sailing to harbours along the South East Coast, including Emsworth, Brighton, Portsmouth, Hastings, Margate and then finally ending up in Milton Keynes.

Alice’s sail will be presented as a gift to the yacht when it arrives in Margate, the weekend of 13th July. The sail will be printed and features drawings created by residents and communities in Margate. My job will be to convert these drawing into a print design. The sail is over 8 metres long and so will be my largest printed surface to work on yet!

My first involvement with the project began last Friday when I helped Alice to lead a series of workshops with various community groups in Margate, including;

  • Thanet Day Opportunity Services

  • Hartsdown Academy School

  • and visitors of the Lifeboat Pub in the evening!

During the workshops we created bunting and flags to decorate the harbour for the ‘Margate Hosts the Boat Project’ event. The mission was to make as much as possible as we need miles of bunting for the harbour. Everyone was delighted to be adding a contributing to the celebration.

I also met some of the people who have contributed artwork for the sail. They are all looking forward to being able to locate their artwork on the sail, emphasising the importance of our design job!

I am looking forward to visiting Margate again on the 23rd June for another day of workshops in the Library and Turner Contemporary Museum.


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