Pontypool Patterns

I am currently working with Broadbent Studios on their Pontypool Patterns Project. George Street in Pontypool, South Wales is being regenerated and as part of this regeneration process, Broadbent Studios will be inserting five sculptures into the streetscape. These sculptures will be a contemporary representation of the Japan tinware that Pontypool was so famous for producing during the 1700’s. Each sculpture will feature a pattern inspired by Pontypool and the workshops taking place within the community. It is my job to create patterns based on some of the fantastic drawing work and community engagement that takes place at these workshops. The five selected patterns will be screen-printed onto enamel and then mechanically fixed, from the inside, to steel hemisphere sculptures (visualised below). The rest of the patterns created (we hope to have plenty) will form an archive online and will also feature in an exhibition.

After spending two days exploring Pontypool and meeting different community groups in mid June I have been working away on a series of designs… so watch this space for developments!


Above: Broadbent Studio’s Pontypool Patterns Sculpture Proposal

Below: George Street (before regeneration)



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