Margate Hosts The Boat Project – The Gifting Of The Sail

Margate gave the sail to The Boat Project last weekend. The boat crew were delighted, as were Alice and I (it was the first time we’d seen the sail since it had been made).

The weekend was full of celebrations to welcome The Boat Project. On the Friday evening, Alice and I held a drop in workshop at the Turner Contemporary to make more flags for the procession. Saturday was the day of the procession and we gathered (in the rain) at Margate Station. The procession then travelled to the harbour to see the boat. The sail was being carried in a woven bottle and was presented to the boat as part of an elaborate dance act. The sail was then unravelled and draped over the boat. Due to the poor weather conditions we were unable to attach the sail to the mast, which was a little disappointing. However, the sail will be in place when the boat is displayed in Milton Keynes later this week. I am so pleased with the sail, and the people of Margate loved it too!


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