Pontypool Patterns Finale!

Since last summer I have been working with Broadbent Studio and Torfaen Council on their Pontypool Patterns Project, in Pontypool, South Wales. Broadbent Studio created five sculptures to install into the streetscape, as part of the regeneration of Pontypool’s High Street.

The sculptures act as meeting points and incidental seating. They also commemorate Pontypool’s Japan-ware Industry by featuring site-specific patterns. This is where my involvement with the project came in! I created a range of surface pattern designs inspired by Pontypool’s heritage and culture. I focused on five core themes established by the community. These included; Rugby, Industry, Pontypool Market, Pontypool Park and artwork created by West Monmouthshire School. A community steering group selected the five final designs; to decorate the spherical stainless steel and enamel sculptures. After meeting the enamel printers to discuss the final details and learn more about the printing process, the designs were then finalised and sent for production.

Since then I have hardly been able to wait to see the finished sculptures! Last Thursday they were finally unveiled and installed on George Street and I am now thrilled to be able to show you some photographs of them in place! It has been a fantastic project to be involved with. I am delighted with the vibrancy of the sculptures and how well they complement their surrounding and capture the heritage and spirit of Pontypool.


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